Community growing

Unity uses both farmland and a town-centre allotment to grow fresh fruit and vegetables for the community, using sustainable, nature-friendly methods.

By inviting community groups to make use of the farm, we will see a multiplier effect as the experiences and lessons learned are shared through the wider networks that these groups bring with them.

The project

  • offers a grow, cook and eat facility to people who are struggling with the cost of living.
  • supplies the food pantries with fresh fruit and vegetables.

It has other benefits for the environment as well, e.g.:

  • Improving the environment, including culvert clearing and other waterways; introduction of plants and wild flowers to support the growth of bees, butterflies and other pollenating insects.
  • Heritage and ancient land conversation as the farm is steeped in history (e.g.: burial sites).

We also have a growing partnership with Sparsholt College that will offer access to the latest research in sustainable food production.

Hands holding soil from a potato crop.

Grow, Cook and Eat.

The growing element of the project does three things that enable families to reduce their costs while also adopting a healthier diet. It:

  • helps people learn about producing their own food.
  • provides an introduction to cooking appetising and healthy meals using all natural ingredients.
  • provides families with a steady and reliable source of said ingredients.
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