Arts, crafts and sensory experiences in Romsey for people living with Dementia and their carers


Here are the events being run by Greenbuttercup CIC for people living with Dementia for  the rest of the year:

Friday, November 1st – ‘Arts & Crafts’
This year we are going to be part of the Romsey Lantern Parade.  I have arranged for some standard pyramid-shaped lanterns to be made for us, and these will be decorated by the ‘Arts & Crafts’ group on Friday.  The theme for this year is ‘Stories’, so we will be decorating them as ‘101 Dalmatians’.
We are hoping to get a group together of ROMDAG members, family, friends etc. to parade the lanterns on Friday December 6th on the group’s behalf.
Friday, November 15th – A ‘Sport’ Experience
Angie Mills from ‘Sporting Memories Network’ will be leading our session in November, so why don’t you come along, to experience all things to do with ‘sport’.   You don’t need to be ‘sport-mad’ to enjoy this, there will be plenty for everyone from ‘Spot the Ball’ to indoor curling and boccia (a type of indoor bowls).
We will have sporting TV themes to listen to, sport-related food to eat (including oranges at half-time !) and lots of activities to join in – to help us reminisce about time enjoyed playing, watching, and listening to different types of sports.  If you have any sporting memorabilia, why not bring it along – it could be about your favourite sports person/team or even yourself.  Anyone with a Dementia, who is interested in sport – even if it’s just playing pub games such as darts or table football – is welcome to join us.
Friday, December 6th – Lantern Parade
Parade starts at 5.30p.m. – further details of arrangements for night will follow.
Friday, December 15th – ‘Christmas Traditions’
RAODS have a production in the Green Room the first week of December, so we are unable to use the room.  We have decided, therefore, to combine the two groups for a ‘Christmas Special’ the following week.
This will be a mix of games, food, music, party hats, and Christmas reminiscence.  We will also have a quick art activity for those who wish to participate.  So come along and join in the fun – anyone living with Dementia and their relatives/carers is welcome.
For the indoor activities, we meet as usual in the Green Room at the Plaza Theatre from 10.30 a.m. –12.30 p.m.  There is a charge of £3.00 per person to include all activities and refreshments.  There is no need to book, but if you would like more information, please contact: or call 01794 501605.



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