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This is not the best of times to be reaching out for help with projects such as our own but, with no expectations, we hope you will give the following some thought, especially as it would have coincided with next week’s Day of Climate Action on the 24th.
Below is a link to information about our crowdfunding appeal which next week attracts 50% match funding. To celebrate Earth Day, Global Giving will also be taking the 5 projects that attract the most donations (not amount raised but number of donations) into their Climate Action Fund, something that will bring ongoing publicity and financial support from Global Giving partners across the year.
We would love to be in that top 5 and if anyone could offer a small donation next weekApril 20th-24th, it will benefit from both Gift Aid and the 50% match funding.
Crowdfunding needs more than just donations, though – it needs a crowd!
Whether or not you personally donate, it would be of enormous value to the future of the project, if you were happy to act as an advocate for this campaign, sharing it with those you think might wish to support. Sharing it with a message of your own to a friend, a family member, a colleague would help bring our work to a wider audience and help to grow the crowd.
We weren’t sure if this was something that could be promoted through Unity but, given that the community will benefit and everyone’s gifts next week will be increased in value, we thought it was worth asking.
Anyway, for all the details, the link to the Newsletter is here and I’m here at the end of the phone if you need to ask me anything. (For speed, the donate button is on our home webpage).
Finally, I thought you might like to know that we were awarded a £1000 TVBC Councillor grant which will help fund the wildlife surveys in the wood and community engagement over the coming year, once restrictions are lifted of course. We are looking for people who would enjoy this sort of work; experience is absolutely not necessary but we would obviously welcome anyone who does have some. Expressions of interest are welcome now.
Please take care, stay well and thank you in advance for anything you are able to do in support.
Very best wishes, Wendy
Happy Trees, Happy Planet, Happy People

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