Andover Town Centre Independently Owned Businesses Unite


Andover Bid are celebrating all that is good about Independently owned businesses during July with competitions and giveaways

Andover Bid tell us that Andover town-centre is fortunate to have over 150 independent businesses, with the number growing.

How are they doing this ?

  • They are distributing some carefully designed and stylish tote bags around town-centre businesses, ready for them to give out to key customers. They have been created for our town and will serve as a reminder to ‘Shop Local’ in our Town Centre as often as possible, to support our local economy. It is known that money spent locally goes back into the local economy.
  • They are running a media publicity campaign with Andover Advertiser, Love Andover Radio and the Andover Observer.
  • Setting up the InAndover Gazebo at different times during the month, holding a simple public-facing competition, and providing winners with a free InAndover tote bag if they can identify ten different town-centre Andover Indies in ten minutes.
  • They launched the Independents’ Month campaign in the High Street on Andover on Monday 4th July in the Time Ring and encouraged people to be part of the interactive treasure hunt live on their Facebook Page . They gave away free tote bags and some ‘Andover Pounds’ to lucky people to spend in some of the local independent businesses in the town centre.
  • They are providing each independently owned business in the town centre with a small and attractively designed decal to put on the door or window, promoting ‘Shop Local InAndover’.
  • They will be poducing two weekly videos featuring different town centre independent businesses and promoting them through InAndover and their social media channels.

Lets celebrate Independently owned businesses

If you would like further information about any of these initiatives, contact or visit

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