Andover Mind Well-being Christmas Photo Challenge


It’s well recognised that talking about our mental health is good for our general well-being. Andover Mind will be encouraging us to engage with them and others about our mental health in their photo challenge being run in December on social media. 

Their Well-being Christmas Photo Challenge will run across 24 days on Instagram, from Wednesday 1st – Friday 24th December. A festive word has been allocated for each of the days (see graphic) that can also be applied to well-being in some capacity. Each day a photo, relevant to the chosen word, will be posted and people can get involved using the campaign hashtag – #amxmas21

How can you get involved?

To make as big of an impact as possible they need as many people as possible to take part. They would be very grateful if you can help by spreading the word with your contacts or, better yet, getting involved yourself. 

Instagram – @andovermind 

Facebook – @AndoverMind 

Twitter – @AndoverMind 

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