Adolescent to Parent Abuse Group Work


Stop Domestic Abuse Adolescent to Parent Abuse (APA) Group Work APA groupwork is a 6-session educational/therapeutic programme for parents/carers of a child/young person who is using abusive behaviours towards the parent/carer or using behaviours that the parent/carer is unable to manage.
The APA group is suitable for the parent/carer of children displaying challenging and potentially abusive behaviour. The criteria for a client to be referred is that the challenging child is between the ages of 8 and 16 years.  The group will run for 6 weeks, this includes 5 consecutive weeks then a break of 2 weeks. This is to give clients an opportunity to put what they have learnt into practice and allow time for any change before coming back for the 6th week. In the 6th week the clients have an opportunity to share positive break throughs, raise any issues
and further develop plans for moving forward without the group.
This is a structured programme using group exercises, discussion, facilitator input and handouts to take parents through an experiential process of attitude and behaviour change. The main goal is to empower parents, reducing stress and guilt and giving them concrete strategies. There is no guarantee that changes in a parent’s/carer’s attitudes or behaviours will produce behaviour change in a difficult
child/young person (at least in the short-term) but evidence shows that there can be a reduction over time in children’s abusive behaviours and an improvement in relationships with parents and other family members. In the short-term we anticipate that there will be a significant reduction in a participant’s feeling of stress, depression and hopelessness.
How to refer:
Referrals for this group work are made by completing a Stop Domestic Abuse referral form.
Link to the referral form
Please state in your email header “Referral for APA Group Work” and send it to this email address:
When does it start?
The group will run every Wednesday, starting Wednesday 1st July 2020. Time TBC.
The group is not a rolling programme, each session ends on a connection to the next, therefore clients will need to commit to the full 6 weeks. These sessions will be delivered via zoom.

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