Action on climate change

Helping voluntary sector organisations to reduce their carbon footprint and develop their resilience to climate change.

Hampshire has a wide and varied VCSE sector, providing all kinds of community activity. When it comes to tackling climate change, they all face two major challenges:

  • Reducing the carbon footprint of their service delivery
  • Protecting communities from impact of climate change

Unity action on climate change supports small and medium-sized voluntary sector organisations to find ways of reducing the carbon footprint of their activities without losing the essential quality of service that they provide to their members.

Green leaves over some water in the evening sunlight

For groups and organisations

Sharing good ideas – Through our network with other community services organisations across Hampshire, we can connect local groups with other organisations facing similar challenges from amongst the 12,000 charities working in Hampshire.

Access to expert advice – Through our connection with Hampshire Action on Climate Change we can connect local groups with scientific experts.

Climate change strategy – We can help local groups think through and design a strategy suitable for their unique situation

Funding support – We can help coordinate funding applications for energy-related community benefit, such as warm hub provision.

Nature recovery – Our community farm demonstrates sustainable farming in practice while also producing fresh food for the community. This improve the environment including culvert clearing, creating waterway, integrating wild flowers to encourage pollinating insects.

For Individuals

Fresh food – Through our Grow, Cook, Eat programme we use our community allotment and our sustainable farming project in Andover to enable people to learn how to grow and prepare their own food.
For more information, please see our Community Growing page.

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