About Us

First established in 1987, Unity is a non-profit incorporated UK charity part-funded by Test Valley Borough Council and Hampshire County Council, working with local organisations to support vulnerable members of the Test Valley Community. With offices based in Andover and Romsey, we aim to bring people together.

What do we do?…

Our role is to support, enable and empower voluntary and community action across the Test Valley and support the development of services to meet unmet, identified needs.

We are positioned to enable those who may be facing real hardship through the provision of information, signposting, social prescribing, home support and a range of other community-based services designed to help make lives easier and improve health and wellbeing.

Two principles key to Unity:

  • Ensuring that voluntary action plays an essential role within the heart of healthy and inclusive communities and society.
  • That voluntary action needs to be supported and nurtured for it to thrive and reach its fullest potential.

Unity aims to ensure:

  • Voluntary and community organisations in all areas of the borough have access to seamless, accessible, effective, and appropriate support services, have access to resources to deliver their services and also can adapt using digital platforms and technological innovation.
  • Individuals have access to community-based services enabling them to have freedom of choice, independence, improved health, wellbeing, and life choices.
  • Organisations have access to a range of high-quality specialist services including finance and training, any organisation engaged in community actives work collaboratively and strategically to ensure community resilience and sustainability and that they have access to evidence-based information ensuring best value


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