Unity Announces NEW Online Directory


The Test Valley Charity, Health and Wellbeing Directory (CHAWD)

Unity, the voluntary action umbrella organisation (CVS) for the Test Valley, is excited to announce the launch of its Charity, Health and Wellbeing Directory, or “CHAWD” for short.

The Test Valley CHAWD contains details of Charitable, Voluntary and Community organisations that serve the Test Valley Community in a simple, online, searchable format. The directory can be accessed straight from the Unity Website at www.unityonline.org.uk  and is firmly aimed at facilitating social prescription and self-service for Test Valley residents looking to improve their physical or mental health.

According to Unity CEO, Terry Bishop, the need for an easy way to find these organisations has never been greater; “Literally hundreds of voluntary and community organisations have been quietly supporting health and wellbeing in our community for decades. They do that by supporting residents with health conditions, bridging the gaps in social welfare provision, delivering opportunities for social engagement and helping residents to participate in and support causes that enthuse them. As we begin emerging from the pandemic, they have a massive role to play in helping us all to recover from the physical and mental strains caused by repeated lockdowns. The CHAWD will help us all to find the right organisation for us”.

Unity say that the CHAWD has been kept deliberately simple and is being launched alongside a dedicated digital support offering. “The directory takes the user to the shopfront. They go through the door by clicking on the website link of the organisation they’re interested in or using the contact details supplied. So we’ll be on hand to support listed organisations in developing a digital strategy to maximise the impact of the additional traffic that the CHAWD delivers”, explains Terry Bishop.

Notes for organisations

The Directory launches with details of the hundreds of Unity members and other groups that Unity has worked alongside in the past;

  • Organisations that have signed up with Unity but have not received instructions for how to update their directory entry, are asked to contact Unity as soon as possible to have their records updated.
  • Any organisations that are not registered with Unity but would like to be listed in the directory, are invited to make contact. Directory listings are free to all organisations delivering free or subsidised services to the Test Valley Community.

The contact email address for directory enquiries is:  digitalinclusion@unityonline.org.uk

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