£2.5 million funding competition for women’s community sector organisations


Prisons and Probation Minister Alex Chalk has recently given approval for MOJ to run a £2.5 million grant funding competition to pay core costs for women’s community sector organisations.  The competition closely follows the model used to run a similar competition last year, while taking account of the learning from the previous competition.  The objective behind the competition is to further stabilise women’s community sector organisations. 

Like last year’s competition, a share of the funding will be allocated to each of the 12 probation regions based on the numbers of women’s community probation caseload for each region.  As last year, the funding is being made available to cover the core costs of women’s community sector organisations to try to start to try to further stabilise the sector The funding is not intended to be used to commission services but rather to cover core costs such as rent, utility bills, wages of administrative staff etc.   

The competition is scheduled to launch this Friday 11th June and will remain open for applications until 10 am on Friday 16th July.  Funding will be available to cover core costs incurred between mid/late-September and 31st March 2022 and organisations can apply for a minimum of £40,000 and a maximum of £100,000.  As was the case last year, if an organisation operates in more than one region it can apply to more than one regional lot.  Last year, two organisations successfully bid for funding in more than one region. 

They are using MOJ social media, Clinks and the Women’s Resource Centre to publicise the competition and it will again be hosted on the MOJ’s procurement portal.  Organisations that applied last year or are already onboarded for the Probation dynamic framework will not need to complete the majority of qualification questions again. The invitation to bid will be released via the MoJ portal (and advertised via CLINKS, LinkedIn, Women’s Resource Centre).

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